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What’s in a word? An entire universe! Space, time, and history too. Excuse my ardor, but I am a lover of words. So on Shakespeare’s birthday (not sure how anyone knows that since nobody is even certain who he truly was?), I am presenting you with a word I think would have pleased old Will, whoever he was…

Playful, lyrical, and edgy, HER ARGUMENT is one part memoir, 10 parts inspiration and exploration. Essays on Art, Style, Identity, Philosophy, Singlehood, Aging, and The Good Life are wound together with humor and insight. Her Argument builds a provocative case for the values of self-inquiry, authenticity, and deep appreciation for the marvel of existence.

Available at Amazon here, and at select bookstores in the future.

Other late April diversions: The Wild World of Daffodil Names and Watershed, a look at what happened to ‘the possible’.

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