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I suppose less is more, when talking about one’s artwork, so instead I’ll just use a quote from my book, Her Argument, on the general topic.

We artists are guard dogs. Throw us a bone. We patrol the peripheries of life, of culture, of being, of soul. We sniff out the truth, then we dig, we unearth. We are your appointed seekers of subliminal syllogisms, of symbolic symbioses, of supernal signs. Our jaws may only grasp such slippery substances for a heartbeat, however, if anyone can hear that beat, it may set up a rhythm somewhere in their soul. Maybe they’ll feel like dancing.

These are just a few of the images I’ve produced to date. My work always bounces between the serious, the ironic, and the outright comedic. Links below will steer you to my work on, where it is housed for commercial purposes. Since much of my work is done as large scale oil paintings, I offer these works as prints and giclees on paper and on canvas, in numerous sizes. If interested in a large scale canvas, contact me on the About page, on either this site or the painting site.