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Sometimes you just don’t want to be a lady. Or female, or a gender at all. At last, most of us are able to dress according to a mood, a whim, an idea.

If I were to run for political office, I would definitely not conform to traditional women’s styles. The pert navy suits, the sensible blazers and slacks, the demure pearl necklaces or little gold earrings. If that’s what it takes to get elected, screw it. And I do not wish to demean any women in office who dress according to the book, because they all have my admiration. It’s just I am still the petulant child who wanted to wear boy’s saddle shoes rather than girl’s because they looked way cooler.

Or if I had tried to get into ‘business’? Yeah, that means the slightly sexier corporate look, which came to be called power dressing by some broad at Vogue. Huh? Does that mean because you wear pencil skirts and Jimmy Choos you’re meant to be in charge? We are so easily sold a bill of goods.

A guy I know wants to start a Third Party (like, I presume, others before him) and I think I’ll offer to style the putative leaders. For men – onesies. For women – onesies. This is shorthand for uniform, but not like Kim Jong-un… not all buttoned up and military. On second thought maybe the guys should wear kilts. And we should bring back top hats – original Uncle Sam style. Oh, might as well pull the red and white striped pants out of the closet too.

Or maybe all our politicians should wear white mechanic’s overalls. Pristine like scientists in their lab coats. The color alone would signify that they strove to be clean politicians. And if they weren’t, we could target them with paintballs.

Well, enough of this barely concealed hostility about my years of doing penance for being born female…and fear not, I will not be appearing on any ballot any time soon. But then again – what a way to break a style taboo. And who knows where that might lead!

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