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Baby in a fur suit,

monkey on my back,

jolly rancher in my path –

don’t give me no flack.

My daemon is a stalker.

My avenger is a geek.

My heart is made of rose pulp,

but my mind is all greek.


Take me down

from this high shelf.

Roll me on the ground.

Holler at my silly self.

Merry merry

go round.


Call me names

in an alien tongue.

Tell me how we all

were flung,

like sparks

from a burning stick –



How untwine

passion from love?

How confine that slippery dove?

How do you find

that mystery place?

Could it be

within that face?


No matter.

Cuz grace shimmies ‘n’

sprinkles jimmies

on my head.

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