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It’s a Friday night and you forgot to make specific plans. Or maybe you didn’t forget, you just didn’t want to. Why would that be? That you expected to have more fun alone? Not just expected but predicted you would? Not necessarily about fun either, sometimes it’s about learning, furthering, deepening, refining… anything from scientific stuff to deeply personal, subjective stuff.

No one said it was easy being single (read my book if you care about this stuff) but there’s just something about it, once you get used to it, that makes up for the pangful moments, the wistful moments when one considers the alternative – being partnered. I feel it, the pang, but then nine times out of ten think of something more interesting to focus on. Which is not to say I wouldn’t love a Jon Snow to gaze upon me and recognize my infinite desirability 🙂 but let’s face it – that’s a once in a lifetime thing, and in fact I already had it once or twice, so I’m not going to get piggy about it.

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